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L.W. Curtis Well Drilling and Pump Services contractor, Fauquier, VA
L.W. Curtis Well Drilling and Pump Services Contractor, Fauquier, VA

Professional Well Pump Installation & Maintenance Keeps Your
Water Supply Flowing Strong!

Well Pumps & Pressure Tanks
Installation and Repairs

Our Well Pumps and Pressure Tank Services Include:

• Install and replace well pumps
• Install and replace pressure tanks
• Install and replace pressure switches
• Install and replace pressure gauges and valves
• Fix low or no water pressure

We size up our pumps and pressure tanks to your well depth and Gallons Per Minute (GPM) to give you the most water and pressure your well produces. We set the pumps around 25 to 30 feet from the bottom of the well to ensure you don't pick up much sediment. We size our pressure tanks for two factors: the quantity of water you will be using and to reduce how many times your pump cuts on and off to maximize the life of your well pump and provide the most pressure you desire.


Our process for new pump installations for new wells includes:

• Dropping the pump into the well

• Digging the ditch

• Running the water pipe and wire from the well to the new pressure tank.



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