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L.W. Curtis Well Drilling and Pump Services Contractor, Fauquier, VA
L.W. Curtis Well Drilling and Pump Services contractor, Fauquier, VA
L.W. Curtis Well Drilling and Pump Services contractor, Fauquier, VA

We Clear Up Well Water Quality Issues, Repair Leaks & Inspect Lines for a Reliable Well Water Supply 

PVC Well Sleeves
To Fix Your Red Water Issues

PVC well sleeves eliminate steel casing. If you have red water, you might have steel casing in your well. A good indicator of steel casing trouble is if you have a filter system that won't clear up or you're changing filters periodically. The steel starts to rust and leave red rings around toilet bowls, in showers, in sinks, can ruin your white clothes, and can sometimes look like mud. PVC liners will fix the issue where it starts at the well and eliminate your red water problems. Sleeves are the preferred method as opposed to a filter system because they are like putting a bandaid on the situation.

Waterlines & Water Hydrants
Installation and Repairs

We install and repair waterlines and water hydrants.

•Waterlines- We repair broken waterlines and fix broken wires.

•Water Hydrants- We install water hydrants wherever you need them. Whether it's a water source for horses, livestock, dog pins, garages, barns, or gardens, we've got you covered! 

Waterlines & Water Hydrants

Well Inspections
For a quality well and water, guaranteed

We will inspect your well, pressure tank, and all its components to make sure the pump is working correctly. We will also do a potable water test and chlorination of the well if needed. 

Well Inspections
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