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L.W. Curtis Well Drilling and Pump Services contractor, Fauquier, VA
L.W. Curtis Well Drilling and Pump Services contractor, Fauquier, VA

Our Experienced Well Drilling Experts Ensure Quality, Healthy Water Supply From
Your Residential or Commercial Well

Well Drilling Services
For Clean, Quality Water

Our Residential & Commercial Well Services Include:

• Residential Well Drilling, Maintenance & Repair
• Agricultural Well Drilling, Maintenance & Repair
• Well Irrigation 
• Well Abandonments
• Well Upgrades
• Well Water Tests

At L.W. Curtis Well Drilling & Pump Service, LLC, we provide our customers with great quantities of quality water. The average well is between 100 to 600 feet in depth in our surrounding counties. We install mostly all PVC well casing. The average well must have at least 50 feet or more of casing or until you hit bedrock for clean water so you don't have any contamination entering the water supply. We install all PVC casing so you don't have the rust and iron problem that steel casing causes. The goal of the average well is to produce at least 5 or more Gallons Per Minute (GPM).

For any reason we do not drill through an aquifer that produces at least five GPM or more, we take the well deeper for more reservoir and put in a larger pressure tank for more water storage. If we drill through an aquifer with sand or sediment, we install a PVC well screen to clear up the water supply. We also use a bentonite grout to fill the borehole on the outside of the casing, usually 50 plus feet or more, to prevent contamination from entering the well.

Note: A permit is required for well and abandonment jobs before any work can begin. Contact the environmental health department in the county the well will be drilled or abandoned to obtain a permit.  Once approved and received by the county, provide a copy of the permit to L.W. Curtis Well Drilling & Pump Service LLC.  Please call with any questions and to discuss the services needed. 


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